Greg Sykes - Reverse

06 avril 2017 - 335 vues

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Beneath every doubt, there’s redemption
Beyond what we see, He’s at work
Before we believe, He hurts when we’re hurting
He works in mysterious ways

Above all the chaos, there’s order
After the fire, He restores
At the end of the pain, His promise remains
He works in mysterious ways

So blessed are the poor and the powerless
All the weak and wounded made whole again
And even what the enemy has tried to use against me
God will use it for my good and for His glory
Sometimes He works in reverse
He works in reverse
He works in reverse
He works in reverse

What looks like the end is the beginning
His kingdom’s not of this world
When we surrender, that’s when He takes over
He works in mysterious ways

And when it looks like it’s over
He’s just getting started
It’s just the beginning

Composé par : Greg Sykes and Riley Friesen
© 2017 Integrity's Praise! Music/Friesen House Music/Songs For Full Circle Music CCLI # 7080164